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  • Remanufacture Demonstration Base

  • Except for developing the downstream industry chain, Guangxi Jiahe Shengde also concentrates on investment in intelligent car area, aiming at connecting the world’s renewable resources of car industry with intelligent technology. To achieve this goal, Guangxi Jiahe Shengde invested heavily in constructing Wuzhou Remanufacture Demonstration Base (hereinafter referred to as “Remanufacture Base”), and car dismantling is one of the key projects in Remanufacture Base. Covered with about 143,640.52㎡, the project has advanced technology and is improving its five main functional zones of auto parts, namely, old car dismantling processing zone, remanufacturing and processing zone, remanufacturing detection and research and develop zone, remanufacturing products demonstration zone, and remanufacturing products’ warehouse and logistic zone, with a view to constructing the largest old car dismantling base and auto parts remanufacturing raw materials and product base.

    For the long-term development and to build large-scale cascade utilization of recycle resources, Guangdong Jiahe Shengde jointly incorporated Guangxi Jiahe Run Remanufacture Industry Investment Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Jiahe Run”) together with the management bureau of Guangxi Wuzhou Imported Resources Processing Park (hereinafter referred to as “the Park”) by the cooperation method of government and social capital cooperation. Jiahe Run layout 1300 mu remanufacture base in the Park by the method of “Park in the Park”. With a total investment amount of 300 million yuan, the remanufacturing base will take the development of remanufacturing products for both civil and industry use, such as auto parts, ship parts, mining machinery, medical equipment, machine tools, motor and so on. Besides, Jiahe Run also invested and constructed a demonstration center for remanufacturing technology and product, a cultivation center for enterprises within the remanufacture industry and data and information center for remanufacturing industry in the Park.